Dana Drachsler CohenI am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technion, since August 2019. Before that, I was an ETH Postdoctoral Fellow at the SRI Lab, ETH Zurich, hosted by Prof. Martin Vechev. I completed my PhD (direct track) under the supervision of Prof. Eran Yahav at the Computer Science Department, Technion, in 2017. I received my BSc (summa cum laude) at the same department in 2011.

My research focuses on bringing reliability and safety guarantees to application domains, such as deep learning models, computer networks and blockchain frameworks. These kinds of software are integrated in safety-critical environments, such as medical systems, security systems, and autonomous cars. At the same time, issues in the software (“bugs”) and security attacks undermine the reliability of these kinds of software. My research leverages formal methods (e.g., analysis, synthesis), which were extensively studied for programming languages, to increase the reliability of these domains and expedite their adoption in real-world applications. See Publications to learn more.

Are you a student interested in these topics and want to hear what more can be done?
** I am looking for excellent students in different levels (PhD/MSc/BSc). **

E-mail: ddana@ee.technion.ac.il     Office: Meyer 1052